What is Form Email Notifications

Form Email Notifications is a google form add-on that allows you to notify people when a user submits a google form

Why do I need this

When some one responds to your google form you want to know who responded and what response was submitted. For this you have to open the form and click on Responses tab as shown below to see the responses.If you want to be automatically notified of the responses by Email then you can enable this by clicking on Get email notifications for new responses under responses tab as shown below.

After you enable email notifications you receive an email as shown below whenever a new response comes in.

As you can see this has several limitations .The email doesn't display the response content and you have to click on the link to read the response.If you want others in your team to be notified you can not do that today .

This is where Form Email Notifications helps .Using Form Email Notifications you can configure whom to send emails and what to include in the email.

Show me all the things you can do

Please see our documentation