Timezone and Date Time Pattern

Lets say you are  in Manila (Philippines) .You included the {{ Response Date }} in your Email body template because you wanted to check when the form was submitted every time a new response came in. How would the data be shown in the Email ? You will see Response date as 2021-06-03T19:51:04.558Z .This is because the add-on does not know about your Timezone and the Date Time pattern you want the data in .So the add-on processes the data in ETC/GMT Timezone and its own Date Time Pattern. 

Now the add-on allows you to set your Time zone and Date Time Pattern options so that this can be displayed in the pattern of your choice .Head over to Troubleshoot menu with in the add on and you should see an option to set up your preferred Timezone and Date Time Pattern.


What  Date Time Pattern  To use

Sample Date Time Patterns