Replay Past Responses

For whatever reason if you want Form Email Notifications to process past form submit responses you can do that.Open the add-on menu and click on Replay Past Responses .This will open a new Response Manager window and load the past form submission entries with the recent submissions on the top.You can click on the replay button and the Form Email Notifications will evaluate this response with all your active Processors and send the appropriate notification.Please ensure that you have at least one active Processor for this to work.

What is Summary in the response Manager window

Summary field is string concatenation of responses to short answer questions.It contains at max five short answer responses and each short answer is at max 50 characters length .It's useful when you want to look at  responses and recognise which one you want to replay.

Replay Paused Processors

You can now execute a paused processor by selecting it while replaying . This is useful if you want to execute a processor after manually verifying the responses.If you do not select any processor while replaying , all the active processors will be executed by default .However if you select a processor in the replay window before replaying only the selected ones will be executed irrespective of their status.