Google Form Slak Integration

Send a message to Slack when a user submits a google form by following the below steps.

  1. Create Incoming web hook in Slack by following the steps mentioned at slack webhooks

  2. Copy your web hook url that will look like

  3. Create a web hook by following the steps mentioned at Integrate With Apps with the below settings.

Web hook Name: Slack Integration

URL: This is the url you copied in the previous step when you created Slack Incoming web hook .

Request Method: POST

Headers: Leave as is .We have a default header with Content-Type as application/json

Request Body: Use the following

{"text" : "You have received a new response for Google form <{{ Form Publish Url }}| {{ Form Name }}>"}

Click on Save and your web hook will be created.You can also test the Webhook before saving by clicking the "Test" button on Web hook Editor Window.If you receive a status code as 200 ,it means your test was successful.

Now you can open the google form Preview by clicking on Preview button on top right of the google form window and submit the form.If everything goes well you should receive a notification in your Slack .You can also send Rich Text messages to Slack by following the Slack Rich Text Formatting Guide