Install Form Email Notifications Add-on

Form Email Notifications provides extra functionality on top of your Google form.To take advantage of the add-on you need to install the Add-on for your gmail or google workspace account .This is similar to how you install apps on your mobile phone using Google Play Store or Apple App Store.You can install Form Email Notifications by visiting Google Workspace Marketplace and clicking on the install button.
After you click the Install button a popup window appears .Click the Continue button.In the next screen you will be given the option to select the google account under which the app will be installed.Carefully select the account where you want to install the add-on.In the next screen you will be shown different permissions the add-on needs and you can click on Allow button to install the app.
Now you have successfully installed the app .Please check the next section on how to launch the app on Google Form.

Launch Form Email Notifications

After you install the add-on , the next step is to launch and use the Form Email Notifications add-on.Create a new Google form or open an existing Google form .You can do so by visiting Google Form.Then click on the Add-ons menu as shown in the image and click on Form Email Notifications.This should bring up all the menu options of the add-on .