Import and Export Webhooks

Let's say you have a Web-hook named "googlechat" configured in Google Form Titled "A" .You are setting up a new Google Form "B" and want to use the same web-hook or may be slightly modify it.In this scenario rather than configuring the whole web-hook manually you can use the import and export option.Form "A" and Form "B" may be part of same or different google account.

To create web-hook "googlechat" in another form "B" open both the google forms.If both the forms belong to same account you can open them in two tabs. If they belong to two different accounts it's strongly advised to open them from two different browser windows( one incognito window and one main window)

Export Webhook

Open the "Setup Webhook" sidebar from the main menu for Form "A" .On the specified Webhook you can see an Export button as shown below.

Clicking on Export Option will launch a new window.Copy the text by clicking "Copy" button .It should copy the entire text to the clipboard.If the automatic copy fails you can manually copy the entire text.

Import Webhook

Next step is to Create or Edit a new Webhook in Form "B" .Open the Webhook window by editing an existing Webhook or adding a new Webhook and click import .This will open an additional area as shown below .Paste your copied webhook text there and click Apply .This should populate all the fields based on your source Webhook.Saving the webhook should create or update the webhook accordingly.